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circus offers
by circus offers global enterprise, s.a.
8va. Ave. 23-89 z.8,
Mixco, Guatemala
+(502) 2443-6541
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Jorge Rodríguez
Jorge Rodríguez
founder and CEO
based in Guatemala
“we believe that a lot more people would be using coupons if we just let coupons work like they used to do 50 years ago. You get the coupon, bring it to a store and enjoy your discount. Basically that’s what we’ve created here, only for today’s hyperconnected world.” - Jorge Rodriguez
“coupons are more complex than they seem, particularly because our goal has always been to protect our users’ privacy throughout our seemless coupon experience across all marketing channels, while still providing businesses with enough rich and powerful full coupon lifecycle analytics for the betterment of their long term marketing investments” - Robert Steiner
Robert Steiner
Robert Steiner
co-founder and CTO
based in Vienna
Jorge Rodríguez
Diego Leon
Vienna / Guatemala
“circus offers’ team is small, but the dynamic between the members is something that called my attention from the beginning. Having used their product and knowing the effort they put in each aspect of the circus, is fun and engaging in many levels. Their user experience design is like nothing I ever experienced before and that’s when I knew I wanted to be part of this project.” - Diego Leon