Create coupon books that attract more customers to your business
Make it easy for your customers to find your coupons on your socials and wow them with a coupon experience that’s refreshingly easy and safe.
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Imagine Coupons that can do this for your Business
Increase your marketing channels’ ROI
Know exactly how many coupons were claimed on your marketing
channels and then redeem at each one of your stores.
What you usually get
15% OFF
Campaign Results
3150 2144
Claims Redemptions
What CircusOffers will get you!
Marketing Channels Analytics
See how each marketing channel has a different impact on each one of your stores
True Store Impact
Store 1
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Coupons made to
be shared and enjoyed
You decide how many coupons are out there in the wild
Check out how your coupon book could look like today
Check out a real coupon book
Your coupons under your control
Decide how many coupons can be claimed.
Know in real time how many are being claimed on each marketing channel.
Know in real time which store is getting more redemptions from each marketing channel.
Launch your coupons whenever you want, for as long as you want, with the face value you choose.
Kind of neat,
Only $0.01 per coupon claim. NO PLAN, NO BS.
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Easy-to-Claim Coupons
The key to success with coupons is trust and ease
Simplicity - Your customers claim their coupon and send it to their inbox.
Transparency - Your customers get their unique coupon code in their inbox, and nothing else
Standard use - Coupons with clear rules and a standard structure that are easy-to-claim & respect user privacy.
Made to be shared - Your customers will share what they trust and what’s easy to use.
500 left
15% OFF
No Newsletters
No B*ll Sh*t
15% OFF
If claiming a coupon is easy, the likelihood of your coupon being shared increases 10x
No need to download an app.
No need to register or subscribe.
No need to worry about spam.
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Get the word out there!
Yes! If you truly want to provide value, DO IT
Coupons in your socials
This is where your customers follow you and talk to you. So, why are your coupons hosted on external websites and apps?
Businesses shouldn’t hide their coupons, they should actively promote them!
Recognize the product preferences of your followers with actual conversions, not just likes.
Better understand which stores get more conversions from each social channel.
Reward your followers and subscribers with great coupons and they will spread the word.
Yes, it is
that simple
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Why STOP there?
How about coupons everywhere?
Increase awareness of undersold products.
Upsell like crazy by actively encouraging coupon engagement.
Just imagine how this could impact your sales!
Enhance the coupon experience and improve customer satisfaction.
Increase the chance of your coupons going viral.
Get anonymous demographic insights from your offline marketing channels.
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10% OFF
Launch your Coupon Book Today!
Minimum Purchase
for 1,000 Coupon Claims
You set the limit on how many claims can be processed for each coupon on your coupon book and pay $0.01 per claim.
2000 Claims x $0.01 = $20.00
When the campaign ends the remaining claims can be used for next coupon book.
Wow, right?
Each coupon that’s successfully redeemed gets you 1 claim for your next coupon book.
Start today and save 50%
on your first coupon book!
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Quick & Safe Redemptions
Fast redemptions that don’t cause lines to form.
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Top Nudge Analytics
Know things about your coupons that you never even dreamed of.
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Apps for you and your customers
Get the best out of CircusOffers by encouraging the use of the CircusOffers App.
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Digital coupons have
sucked for too long
The general misunderstanding of the true strategic benefits of coupons
has lead to years of bad user experiences and very low coupon engagement.
We can do better
By guaranteeing your customers that engaging with your coupons will only lead to them
saving some money, the coupon claims, shares and redemptions will increase automatically.
This middleman
is that guarantee
= New Customer Mindset
New Coupon Strategies
The old
Do coupons to gather your customer’s personal information.
Create barriers to reduce
coupon claims and redemptions.
Don’t do coupons because they only attract bargain hunters.
Hide the fact that you have coupons to reduce profit loss.
The new
Do coupons to entice customers to try new products, revisit stores and encourage word-of-mouth recommendations.
Attract more customers by reducing friction and encouraging engagement.
Bargain hunters will come and so will new customers that never considered your brand before.
Get your team to proactively promote your coupon books and boost long-term loyalty.
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